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too much hiro....luf 59°F ... ♥

" 因為我有預感...我會一輩子 只喜歡你 "

karen* / jay_ed / toomuchhiro.

The four men in those four tiny boxes on the side are the loves of my life.

well, not really, because apart from kwon jiyong, Hiro, zhe & 59°F, the current loves of my life also include BIG BANG, Fung, Fahrenheit, Suk, Takeru, Hongki, Jonghun & Gaho.(its just that 4 tiny boxes are very limited & their order of importance changes all the time.)

I'm random most of the time, loves blogging & tweeting (mostly spazzing posts and tweets), taking random photos,
super super LAZY, also a procrastinator Queen, i watch a variety (and alot) of dramas, i have a soft spot for 鬼龍. & you can find me on jcnet.